• Metall Full Làser Tall Màquina
  • Sobre Nosaltres
  • Metall Full I Tub Làser Tall Màquina
  • Metall Full I Tub Làser Tall Màquina
  • Força de fàbrica

    El 1999, Mr.Li va utilitzar màquines de tall làser per processar regals i manualitats.

  • Garantia de qualitat

    Tenim flux de fabricació i serveis professionals, amb producció, R + D, vendes tècniques

  • Preu competitiu

    Hem estat per guanyar la reputació de bona qualitat i preus competitius

Sobre nosaltres

In 1999, Mr.Li was using laser cutting machines to process gifts and crafts. However, the machines had a lot of problems: they didn't have a lot of precision, they weren't table, and they weren't very safe. He decided to overhaul the laser cutting machine to make it better and safer. Since then, things have changed dramatically. In a small workshop in 2008, a revolutionized laser cutting machine was born: MORN. In addition to growing sales for the new laser machines, MORN imported professional engineers and sales teams year by year. The MORN business expanded quickly, and became a rising star in the industry.
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